My grandma

The person who  influenced me the most is my grandma Esperanza Lopez Lopez . My grandma has teached me to be strong even if your falling down . She teached me that you do not need a boyfriend/mans to be happy and successful in life . She has teached me how to clean and cook and how to clean myself as a kid .

My grandma has always told me to be strong so i did . She says if a person trys to bring you down with words do not listen to them . Shes really brave and never cry’s or shows emotion and i have learned that from her . She will tell me to be good  in school so my parents dont send me to a providence school so i can have a good future.

My grandma will always say we dont need boys  to be happy . Once i liked a kid and he wasnt talking to me and i was sad and i told her about it and she said if he cant take time outta his day to talk to me to drop him . She will say how she doesnt got a boyfriend and hows shes happy . She will say if that boy isnt buying you stuff or putting in effort then they are useless.

My grandma will always clean and cook and show me how to . As a kid she helped me make eggs,Torres and tamales . She will teach me how to sweep and mop properly in case a get a husband . She says if i do not know how to cook or clean then no guy that has money will want a wife like that.

I am so grateful my grandma is in my life . she has been my biggest influence .She has teached me how to be strong , that i do not need a boyfriend to be happy or successful and how to cook and clean properly.From the bottom of my heart i will always love her . She is a very wise woman with the biggest heart .

Remote learning

This years remote learning has been difficult for me .  First off i cant really keep up with my assignments . I get unmotivated to do my work at home . The teachers have been giving me more work than last year . I do not understand what to do or what i am doing.

Physician assistant

I want to be a physician assistant . I will have job responsibilities. I will have skills and an education . My job outlook is growing.

I will have so many responsibility. I will have to prescribe specific medicines  to my patients that are sick . I will lay broken or fractured bones if need . I will document my patients growth and how they are doing every over 2 weeks.

Ill learn skills and have my education ready for the job . I’d have my bachelors degree . For that bachelors degree i would have to go to a 2-4 year program. Any time they need us at work if they call i would have to rush to work even if i am on my break..

My job outlook will be positive.  My yearly salary would be $115.560 . This job is a growing job . I will like to work with elders.


I think the school should be named after Cesar chavez . Cesar chavez fought against mistreatment of farm laborers . Cesar worked for the the rights of latinos . Cesar protested against these unfair conditions .

He fought against mistreatment of farm laborers .




hunger games vrs The hunger games

Katniss and Tessie are the same in some ways , but different in others . Neither Katniss or Tessie wanted to be in the lottery . However,Katniss put her sister before her but Tessie is selfish and put her daughter in it because she didn’t want to die . Also, Tessie was rude to people and Katniss was kind to her rivals . They both live in dystonia

Tessie and Katniss both have lottery’s . They both had a bad government .  They had to sacrifice some one.

Tessie didn’t have any problems with the lottery . Tessie said she didn’t have a problem with the lottery if she wasn’t picked . But Katniss had a problem with the lottery . She said ‘ I am  feeling nauseous and so desperately hoping  that she doesn’t get picked. ‘ That showed she felt like she was gonna throw up.

When katnisses sister got called to be in the lottery . Katniss saved her sisters live by telling the goverment to choose her instead of her sister. But when tessies family got picked she was telling them to take her baby instead of her .

They both live in dystopias but katniss hated the lottery and tried to protect her family but tessie did not theses are the same and differences for katniss and tessie


This is how i think the world would end . I think the world would end by a war vrs iran . Iran threatened the US by saying donald trump will pay for what he has done by saying that they wanted his head . The US started the war when US president Donald trump sent a terrorist to go kill iran’s general . Then iran started sending missiles to a US military base while US soldiers were staying there . Now US president told iran to stand down by calling them and raising up a white flag which means the US will stand down and now we don’t know what they will do next .That’s why i think that the world would end by being in war with iran .



– sincerely Katie

2020 planning

In 2020, I plan to change three things . I plan to change my horrible attitude . I will start learning how respect my peers . I will take responsibility  in my words and actions .


I’m going to change my crude attitude . The first thing i will do it to forgive myself for the wrong things i have done . The next thing i will do is to remove negative souls from my life . The last thing i will do is limit my expections .


The next thing i will do is to learn how to respect my peers . I will be thankful for having them in my life . The second thing i will do is to be polite and i will learn how to be kind to others . I will listen to my teachers and focus on what there talking about in class .


Lastly , I will take responsibility in my words and my actions . I will begin by thinking about what i’m going to say before i say it . I will make good decisions before i do something irresponsible .  i’m gonna over think my decisions .




Thanks giving

I am thankful for my hair

It is pretty

I see my black hair

I love that its black

I am thankful for my hair

I feel wonderful

I wonder how i got it

I try not to cry

I can see stuff

I am thankful for my eyes

I know my phone works

I understand how i got it

Im fortunate because Its an iphone

I dream about the iphone 8 plus

I am thankful for my phone


The lottery

Based on the words and action of old man warner in shirley jackson’s story the lottery . i think he is mad about the lottery.

The text says ‘They do say ‘ Mr. Adams said to old man warner ,who stood next to him ‘that over in the mouth village they’re talking of giving up the lottery Old man warner snorted . ”pack of crazy fools”

What this tells me is that old man warner is mad because he heard a pack of people talking about ending the lottery.

So because of this i think old man warner is mad because mr adam said people are gonna end the lottery and old man warner wants the lottery not to end .

Imagine the world

I would like world peace.I would help out the community.I will give back to the poor people.I would share kindness around the world.

We should all help out the homeless people,It will be a good idea if we help out the community,We should promote kindness around the world.

We should help out the poor.We can make a charity for the homeless.We can show kindness

We should give back to the community.We can eliminate trash.We can welcome the new neighbors. We should meet once or twice a week

A good idea it to promote world kindness.We can show we care about each other.We should check up on them.We can respect each other